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Exclusive Offers

Greek Islands Arni.jpg

Considered the top Greek restaurant in Chicago, Greek Islands offers daily specials. Greek Islands also caters, hosts parties, and delivery.

Phone:  (312) 782-9855

Address: 200 S. Halsted St.



Since our beginning, we've strived to provide our  customers with excellent quality Greek cuisine. In an effort to guide our patrons  through a journey full of flavors, Athena has become the medium between the  ancient Greek tradition and the modern western world.

Phone:  (312) 655-0000

Address: 212 S. Halsted St.


Athenian Candle Company.jpg

Athenian Candle serves the liturgical needs of the Greek and Orthodox communities locally and throughout the United States, as well as churches of all denominations. Located in the heart of Chicago’s Greek Town community, we manufacture a variety of hand-dipped tapered candles in house, ranging from 8 inches to 5-foot length “lambathes”.


Phone:  (312) 332-6988

Address: 300 S. Halsted St.


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